Ancestral Healing Through Indigenous Culture, Ceremony, and Arts Events

Unkitawa = Ours, Yours, Mine

Are you an indigenous person in greater King County, Washington, interested in enriching your life and your family’s with indigenous culture, ceremony, arts, and connections? Every week, your team at Unkitawa creates and hosts transformative cultural events that heal and educate. We offer cultural programs for women, men, and families: Indigenous Wellness, Reentry for inmates and former inmates, Veterans, and a Youth Intern Program. Attend an event and discover the amazing cultural talents, skills, and knowledge we have in our community.

We welcome and support indigenous people of all tribes, including those who are not official tribe members.

“Unkitawa,” a Lakota word, means “ours,” “yours,” and “mine.” It means what belongs to each of us individually equally belongs to all living things.


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