Innovations - Drum Making Materials

Tribal and Community Innovations

Our Innovations program provides traditional teachings, healing practices, and conventional mental health care to address the health disparities Indigenous Americans in greater King County face.

All indigenous families in King County and surrounding areas are welcome to join us. All our events and services are provided free of charge.

You will learn how to incorporate traditional food, medicine, prayer, ceremony, and healthcare into your daily life to deepen your connection to our cultural roots and reduce your family’s risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and other major health issues.

We host various informative and uplifting events in and near Kent, Washington. You will learn the importance of healing mind, body, and spirit, deepen your connection to our cultural roots, make new connections, and strengthen existing friendships.

We bring together indigenous peoples who hold knowledge of traditional medicines, mental health (generational traumas), traditional foods, healthcare systems, and rites of passage to practice ceremonies and prayer.

Weekly Culture Kitchen

Learn how to prepare a healthy and delicious dinner featuring traditional foods, medicines, preparation, and cooking methods. Fifteen families participate and enjoy a delicious feast together.

When: Every Thursday 6 pm – 8 pm
Where: Unkitawa office 

Field Trips to Farmers Markets

Join us to find local sources of traditional vegetables, fruits, honey, herbs, and more. We visit various farmer’s markets in greater South Puget Sound.

When: every week during the summer.

Innovations - Traditional Herbs
Innovations - Traditional Herbs

Mental Health Services

Visit our licensed mental health counselor for free, confidential consultations. Generational trauma and other issues take a toll. Healing and relief for you and your loved ones at no charge. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Ancestral Healing

Your Innovations team at Unkitawa designs our events and provides services to empower you and your family to reconnect with our indigenous culture, ceremony, and arts to create a future free of the growing scourge of major health issues in our community resulting from processed foods and Western medicines.

Future Plans

By teaching indigenous families how to include more traditional foods and medicine into their lives, we hope our Innovations program may become part of a licensed health agency.


Participation in our events is free. We receive grants to fund some costs, but those grants rarely cover the cost of food, medicines, and materials we use or give to participants. We welcome volunteers, in-kind donations, and cash donations to cover those additional costs and help us reach more families.

Hy’sh’qe (Thank you)