Making indigenous drums

Indigenous Wellness Program

Unkítawa proudly presents our new Indigenous Wellness Program. It builds on the successes of our 2023 Innovations Program and Women’s Wellness Program. Our wellness team will continue to provide culturally relevant events focused on healing the mind, body, and spirit.

Like our innovations program, our Indigenous Wellness program will use innovative methods to combine traditional teachings and healing practices. Event attendees can learn how to integrate first foods and traditional medicines into their daily lives. Our case studies showcased the positive impact on health outcomes, particularly for those facing health disparities such as heart disease and diabetes.

Based on the success and achievements of the Innovations Program, the Indigenous Wellness Program may evolve into a licensed health agency, opening new possibilities for community well-being.

Indigenous Wellness - Traditional Meat Cooking Man Serving Food


  • Culture Kitchen (Bi-Weekly)
    Share and embrace traditional cooking methods and build connections with community members by preparing culturally significant meals together.
  • Elders Luncheon (Monthly)
    A space for wisdom-sharing and community-building as we honor the valuable contributions of our elders.
  • Family Game Night (Monthly)
    Build family bonds and community connections through fun and engaging game nights.
  • Holiday Events
    Joyous occasions for celebration and cultural enrichment. Free for families.
  • Traditional Medicines
    Strengthen your knowledge of plant medicines used by tribes for countless generations in these hands-on events. We incorporate traditional medicines into many Unkitawa events to provide holistic healing opportunities.
  • Women’s Wellness Events (2 – 3 per Month)
    A diverse range of interactive workshops designed as a safe space for women to gather and heal. Past events include regalia making, ribbon skirt making, smudge kit creation, art therapy, and more. Our self-help classes are designed for overall healing through recovery, art, and writing. Some events incorporate or focus on First Foods to teach the importance of generational teachings based on First Foods to combat the health disparities currently faced in the indigenous community.
Indigenous Wellness - Traditional Meat Cooking Man Serving Food