We receive grant funding to cover many of our employees, overhead, and some other expenses. Grant funds rarely pay for event materials, food, or enough people to host and facilitate our events.

We welcome your donations to support our events, gatherings, and activities.

  • Share your knowledge – lead or teach ceremonies, foraging, food preparation, and cooking, songs and singing, prayers, drumming, making cultural crafts, and other ancestral knowledge.
  • Donate materials for projects and events. Popular events include making drums, belts, necklaces, ribbon shirts, ribbon skirts, paddles, and other paraphernalia for ceremonies, powwows, and other cultural events.
  • Donate food for meal preparation classes, event meals, and food boxes.
  • Donate your time to plan, organize, set up, assist, and tear down/clean up events and programs.

Contact Misty for more information about making in-kind donations (food, materials, etc.).

Donate cash to help pay for any of these types of expenses. If desired, you can designate the program you want to support. If you do not pick a program, we will use your donation where it will make the greatest impact.

Thank you for your support.

Contact us to learn how you can help us make an even greater difference for our indigenous family members.