Women’s Wellness

Our indigenous-led Women’s Wellness Program is centered on ancestral practices and traditional knowledge. We bring together our collective knowledge of healing and well-being born in our love for our communities. Join us in preserving and sharing our ancestral practices and helping our communities thrive.

Serving Indigenous Communities Through:

Reclamation and Access to Traditional Medicines

Healing and Well-Being through Spiritual Ancestral Practices

Autonomy of Health through First Foods

Revitalization of Traditional Art

Empowerment through Cultural Knowledge

Advocacy in Healthcare and Social Services

All Are Welcome

We invite you to join the Unkitawa family and participate in our events.

Our Women’s Wellness Program primarily serves native communities in the Pacific Northwest, many of whom are far from their ancestral lands and communities. It is your hub for information, education, connection, and advocacy on behalf of indigenous peoples in institutional spaces.

Monthly Women’s Gatherings

Monthly community gatherings are a vital aspect of our Women’s Wellness Program. Join us each month for an evening steeped in Indigenous culture and community – as we learn from one another, laugh, love, converse, and enjoy a delicious dinner featuring First Foods prepared by our staff and volunteers. Each month, we complete a different cultural craft. Our past projects include ribbon skirts, shawls, dream catchers, belts, beaded keychains, indigenous earrings, painting, making traditional medicines with honey, and making Thanksgiving baskets which we gave to the community. A wide variety of women share their cultural craft and cooking talents to make every gathering unique,heartfelt, and memorable.

Day: Third Wednesday of each month
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Place: Kent, WA
Cost: Free
Details: Events


We welcome donations to support our monthly gatherings.

  • Share your knowledge – teach how to make a cultural craft
  • Donate materials for a craft project
  • Donate food for the meal we prepare
Women's Wellness Sewing Ribbon Skirts

Local Collaboration

The Indigenous Wellness Program works closely with Black, Indigenous, and PoC community groups, particularly mutual aid and grassroots groups, to support and amplify the collective efforts of intentional work toward social justice and dismantling systematic racism.